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Would you like to improve your relationships or to be more confident? Do you want to live a more fulfilling life and feel more joy? Our happiness depends on many factors, and one of the most important things that are necessary for a happy life is emotional health.

Online therapy platforms can help you improve the quality of your life by connecting you with licensed therapists, counselors, and social workers. On our website, we share the best online therapy reviews so that you can have everything you need to improve your mental well-being.

If you’ve never heard of online therapy before, you might be surprised by the number of platforms that offer such services. There are platforms that focus on treating depression, couple counseling, LGBTQIA+ support, etc. Besides, all of these platforms offer different pricing packages.

Analyzing dozens of options, with their advantages and disadvantages, can take a lot of time. Besides, given how sensitive the mental health subject is, you may want to know what experts and customers think of any particular platform before you decide whether or not you should use it.

If you care about your mental health and emotional well-being, then you might have already visited a therapist or considered doing it. When looking for professional therapy, choosing the best provider may take a lot of time, and Therapy-Reviews.com can help you with it.

About Therapy Reviews

Not so long ago, therapy required a client to be physically present in a therapist’s office. Thanks to technology, the situation has changed, and now everyone can talk to a licensed therapist or counselor remotely.

There are many online therapy platforms so choosing one of them can be a difficult task. All platforms have their strengths and weaknesses so you should analyze and compare many factors to make an informed choice.

Therapy-Reviews.com was created to help clients find online therapy and counseling services that meet their needs. We review different platforms and compare all the pros and cons so that you can make the right choice. Along with online therapy reviews, we also offer general information about therapy and useful articles.

Our goal is to make therapy more accessible

Our ultimate goal is to make therapy more accessible. We inform our readers about reliable online therapy platforms and the benefits of talk therapy so that they can have everything they need to improve their mental well-being and become a better version of themselves.

Mental health impacts all areas of our lives. Some people may seek online therapy to deal with self-esteem issues or improve their relationships, while others may need help with the symptoms of anxiety, depression, and other disorders.

We believe that mental health is not only about treatment but also prevention. If you realize that your emotions don’t let you enjoy your life, the best solution is to seek professional help. Licensed counselors and therapists can help you figure out what exactly causes your problems and suggest effective coping practices.

Therapy can help you take care of your emotional well-being and prevent the development of mental health disorders. We know that timely emotional support and professional advice can work wonders, and we hope that our therapy reviews will help everyone get the necessary help.

About Our Team

People read online therapy reviews to choose a therapy provider, and it’s important to make sure that such reviews are actually helpful. We have a team of experts in the mental health field who have the necessary background in psychology and know how to communicate complicated and sensitive concepts in an easy-to-understand way.

Our team includes people with a psychological background, from different areas of expertise, who work along with experienced editors to provide informative, engaging, and helpful content so that our readers can get all the necessary information and make a well-informed choice.

Educating people about mental health is a big responsibility. Not all information that you see online is actually helpful. Mental health is a sensitive subject so we make sure that all our reviews and other content are written by people who have the necessary credentials, expertise, and experience.

Our Experts

Daniel Perry
Daniel Perry
Daniel is a licensed Clinical Psychologist and cognitive behavioral therapy practitioner. Daniel helps his clients overcome a variety of mental health problems, including depression and anxiety. He also writes about mental health in his blog and helps us review popular online therapy platforms.
Elizabeth Walker
Elizabeth Walker
For Elizabeth, mental health is a personal story. She is an author who provides innovative, creative, and engaging content on such topics as stress management, emotional wellness, relationships, etc. She enjoys creating useful content to empower people and uses personal experience to help others on their journey to recovery.
Matthew MacDonald
Matthew MacDonald
Matthew is an experienced and passionate BIPOC and inclusivity mental health expert. He is also a blogger, speaker, and relationship coach. Matthew helps people practice self-love and find mental and emotional peace through simple, practical tips and resources.
Sophia Connor
Sophia Connor
Sophia is a mental health and wellness expert with a background in psychology and over 8 years of experience in content writing. She focuses on learning and writing about the skills that people need to heal, cultivate happiness, and restore joy in their lives.

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We need to monetize our website to maintain it and provide compensation for our professional team. We get revenue from advertisements. There are three types of advertisements that you can find on our website:

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We include banner ads on different pages of our website. We have a transparent advertisement policy so all of such materials are labeled as advertisements.

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We review many services on our website, and we include affiliate links to some of them in our content. If our readers become customers, we receive commissions for referring new customers.

However, all the content on our website is created by independent experts who are not affiliated with any third-party companies and not incentivized by any referral programs. This way, we can keep our reviews objective.

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Some therapists want to be listed in our therapist directory, and they pay a subscription fee. When these therapists sign up, we check their credentials and only approve professionals who meet our requirements.

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Our ultimate goal is to give our readers all the necessary information and tools so that they can choose counseling and therapy services that meet their unique needs. We put a lot of effort into our content so that you can read the best online therapy reviews that will help you find the right provider and improve your emotional well-being.

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