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Updated on November 3rd, 2023

Times are changing, as well as our culture, the speed of life, and basically everything around us. For many individuals, all the changes happening around are nothing short of a crisis in disguise, as some of the transitions do not suit their welfare. This explains why there have been surges in mental disorders, more and more people being diagnosed with depression as a result of different levels and causes of the crisis.

Also, this is the reason why online mental health counseling is progressively gaining popularity. With a plethora of platforms available, there’s one that stands out. But how effective and reliable is it? What are its merits? How affordable are the services? In this 7cups review, we shall be answering these and other questions, tackling all aspects of the platform and the quality of services it offers.

What is 7 Cups of Tea?

7 Cups is one of the leading online counseling platforms where individuals can access quality services from qualified professionals, all for considerably affordable rates. So, what are the outstanding attributes of this platform, and how does it work?

Online chatrooms facilitate patient interactions for moral support. Hearing someone who is going or has gone through what you are experiencing is encouraging, the feeling that you’re not all by yourself, and you can learn strategies that your peers are or have implemented towards overcoming their troubles.

You’ll like the liberty and flexibility of joining group chats. There will be an average of 2 to 20 users in a single group chat at a time; they are people who are facing similar or related challenges. You are at liberty to join any of the groups and leave at your own pleasure.

You can talk to a licensed counselor. There are issues in which sharing with peers group chats is simply not enough, and one would want help from a professional. This platform gives you the opportunity to have virtual counseling sessions with a licensed professional at affordable rates.

How It Works – Service Delivery on the Platform

Crisis in life is inevitable, regardless of age, social status, or any other differentiating factor amongst members of the society. Different circumstances may result in stress, panic attacks, anxiety, and many other mental and emotional conditions. One of the things that really help at such times is talking to someone who really understands and can offer moral support.

7 Cups gives individuals a reliable online experience where they can talk to listeners, not necessarily professionals, but people who are willing to listen to them and offer their advice where applicable. Talking to random or preferred listeners is free. Also, individuals have the option of talking to licensed professionals for a more structured approach in the delivery of counseling services. However, this option attracts an affordable fee.

During group chats, user privacy is well taken care of, as people are at liberty to share their names.

What are the Charges for Premium Plans?

Taking advantage of the free features, there’s so much help you can get by talking with a listener, probably an individual who is currently going through a similar issue or faced a similar challenge and overcame. Numerous individuals have used these free services and gotten the help they needed. However, there are cases that call for professional intervention, and this is where talking to a licensed counselor comes in. The monthly plan for professional counseling services goes for $150. That covers sessions for the entire month and other subsequent activities within the month.

The Benefits of Using Premium Plans

The ultimate benefit of using premium plans is access to a licensed therapist. That means you get professional help from a qualified individual, and this is worthwhile.

Here are some other advantages you get to enjoy:

✓ You can engage your therapists by sending as many messages as you want, and you will always get prompt feedback, relevant responses to your thoughts and questions.

✓ A perk of the online service delivery model; you can talk to your counselor from wherever you are at any time without the complexities of scheduling appointments and commuting to the counseling center.

✓ The paid-for services are conveniently affordable, as you get a month’s services for a rate that you would only cater to a single session on other platforms. That makes it economical for individuals on a budget yet need reliable help.

Are the Demerits of the Services?

When using the platform for premium or free services, there are several factors which come through as drawbacks in light of efficiency and effectiveness. While the services offered may be effective in offering individuals help, some factors inhibit the efficiency and degree of effectiveness in the delivery process. Let’s take a look at them.

All communication is conducted via text messaging, and this means the platform does not support video or audio communication. Considering body language, such as facial expression, is a vital aspect of effective communication, the platform inhibits counselors and listeners from observing a person’s body language. So some details regarding the person’s condition may be left out.

Premium service users should be aware that insurance coverage is not accepted as a valid payment option. Individuals are required to pay all expenses in person.

While users are at liberty to send as many messages as possible, the case is different for counselors as they have a limited number of messages they can send in a day. That somewhat limits effective communication between the two parties.

Advantages of the Free Plan

Some individuals have financial predicaments, which is the cause of their mental and emotional distress, and that means they might not be able to afford decent counseling services. That shouldn’t deny them the opportunity to get help in their time of distress. Taking advantage of such free services, these individuals can get help from experienced peers and regain control of their lives.

Here are additional benefits of using free services:

✓ Engaging with listeners may foster new friendships, therefore eliminating the feeling of loneliness;

✓ It makes it easy for people to express themselves, especially those who have trouble talking to people face-to-face;

✓ It offers emotional and moral support, knowing that you’re not alone, knowing that there are people who care and are willing to listen to you;

✓ You’ll engage in activities that will promote personal growth and development.

For individuals who can afford an upgrade, there’s more to enjoy. Nonetheless, people who are not in a position to spend on the paid plan can use the free plan and get considerable help that’ll improve their situations.

The Bottom Line

7 Cups is an efficient platform that has helped millions of people overcome their emotional and mental distress by participating in group chats, talking to a licensed counselor, or a combination of both. The platform offers convenience, among other several advantages, making it a reliable platform for people looking for someone to talk to. Generally, it is a reliable platform that’s worth trying out.

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