Updated on November 3rd, 2023

Talkspace is a reputable online counseling platform with many licensed therapists available to help treat your mental condition. This review will help you understand how Talkspace operates and its legitimacy so that you can decide whether you will use the service.

First things first, understand that any investment done towards making your life better is always worth it. As such, finding a great therapist for your mental well-being is an essential process and Talkspace reviews come in handy. The benefits of using Talkspace include

✓ Unlimited messaging therapy

✓ Clients feel more comfortable talking with therapists online as compared to traditional counseling

✓ Clients can switch therapists


Talkspace boasts of having helped more than a million clients, and this has earned it a spot in famous publications. If you are still torn in the choice, the reviews discussed below will help you determine whether Talkspace can deliver the best value for your money.

Overview of Talkspace Services

This section discusses the advantages and disadvantages that people found when using Talkspace counseling services. You should consider them during your decision-making process.

Speaking about the advantages, we should mention a trouble-free registration and freedom to choose your preferred therapist from 3 options. The platform offers access to licensed therapists that specialize in treating different mental health issues and offers a wide range of online counseling options. Clients can have messaging therapy sessions using their smartphones and have 30-minute live video sessions using desktops and laptops.

There are disadvantages as well. First of all, there are no subscription plans billed weekly. Since there is no free trial, a weekly subscription could give clients an opportunity to test the service and determine whether online therapy is a suitable option for them. Talkspace is not American Telemedicine Association certified, and that means that the platform is not HIPAA compliant. As we learned from online reviews, many clients were unsatisfied with general responses from their therapists that seemed like copy-pasted.

Still, as seen above, the benefits of the company are more numerous than the disadvantages. The latter are small problems that the company can correct to boost customer satisfaction.

The Credibility of Our Review Services

The goal of our therapy reviews website is to help clients make an informed decision when they choose an online therapy platform. We do an extensive research during the review process and analyze evidence from verified clients to give you unbiased information for your decision making.

Qualifications of the Therapists

Talkspace has been running for close to a decade, and throughout this period, it has provided quality services. With a large team of licensed therapists, the company can serve the public, and this has been instrumental in pushing it to gain popularity among consumers in the US. Here are some findings on their employees:

✓ They only hire licensed counselors

✓ Counselors must have 3000 hours of experience

✓ Talkspace therapists are monitored and regularly evaluated for their performance

How it Works

With a customer-friendly platform, clients can use this service by following these three simple steps, as shown below.

✓ Signing up. Open the app on your Android or iOS device, click on the account creation button, input your email and password, and pick a nickname.

✓ Complete a survey and let them know your age and hometown, as well as your needs.

✓ Pick your therapist, choosing someone from the list of 3 recommendations. Star your therapy.

Talkspace Terms for Customer Experience

With a swift sign-up process, an easy-to-use platform, and exceptional services, clients can find counseling services at the comfort of your home. Have a look at some important Talkspace features.

✓ With the monthly package, you can contact the counselors at any time when you need help. The unlimited package allows you to send text messages and audio messages.

✓ One can safely and conveniently access information about the previous interactions of their therapy sessions. You do not need to worry about taking notes.

✓ You can have high-quality live video meetings with your therapist. What’s more? The video chat features are available only on mobile devices.

✓ Talkspace therapists are expected to respond to your messages once or twice a day. Clients can see when they can expect a response from their therapist in their therapy room.

How to Handle No Response

Well, are you wondering what happens when you get no response? You should report such issues directly to Talkspace, and they will solve your problem.

Payment Policies

Clients can choose from three pricing options, as you can see below.

✓ Talkspace Counseling plus Policy. For $65 weekly, you get unlimited voice and video communication access. This option lacks a live session.

✓ Talkspace Premium Counseling Plan. For $79 weekly, clients will get the perks of the basic policy, plus a half-hour live session.

✓ The Ultimate Therapy Plan.  For $99 weekly, get four live sessions in addition to the first and second package features. The billing for this is done monthly.

✓ The company accepts payments via major debit and credit cards. They don’t accept PayPal.

Talkspace Therapy Reviews: How We Made the Analysis

Let’s take a look at what our review constitutes and how we arrived at this.

✓ We analyze the quality of services and how they benefit the clients.

✓ The ease in signing up and app’s operation is our major aspect at determining how customer-friendly the provider is.

✓ In order to determine the value of the services, we check the costs that clients have to pay for their subscriptions.

✓ We also check for client’s data security and the measures that a provider puts in place to protect privacy.

✓ The efficiency of customer support is also a major aspect for us.

Talkspace App Review FAQs

1. Is Talkspace a Legitimate Service?

Yes, it is legitimate, and clients can get access to qualified therapists.

2. How Much Do the Sessions Cost?

There are three payment packages at Talkspace; $65 weekly, $79 weekly, and the $99 weekly plan. The clients are billed monthly.

3. Will My Insurance Cover the Cost?

Talkspace is not available through Medicare and Medicaid. But Talkspace says they partner with several insurance companies. That said, you should check out whether your insurance company will cover your costs.

4. Can I Try the Service for Free?

At the moment, this platform does not offer free sessions.


Talkspace is one of the popular counseling platforms available, and we can recommend it. With the multiple payment plans, quality customer service, and licensed counselors, you can rest assured knowing that your counseling needs are well handled. If you are looking for online counseling services, Talkspace is worth trying, but you should remember that it’s the therapists, and not the platform, that matters most.

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