Terms of Use

These terms and conditions, referred to as “Terms of Use” from now on, describe the use of this website, referred to as the “Website.” The words “us,” “we,” and “ours” refer to Therapy-Reviews.com.
These Terms of Use describe the operating policies and rules of the Website. All these policies and rules, including the Privacy Policy, can be changed from time to time.
By staying on this Website and using it, you accept the Terms of Use and agree to be subject to the Terms of Use. If you don’t agree with any of the provisions described in these Terms of Use, you must immediately stop using the Website, and you are not permitted to use it in the future.

General Terms

1. Rights

1.1 The Website and the services offered on the Website, including all types of intellectual property and technology, are our exclusive property, and we don’t grant any license or other rights to the content of the Website and its underlying technology.

1.2 All the content of the Website, including but not limited to the text, images, icons, design elements, and software, is our exclusive property protected by international regulations and laws, including trademark and copyright laws.

1.3 Unauthorized use, distribution, copying, or presentation of the Website is a violation of law and therefore can result in criminal or civil penalties.

1.4 Downloading of the content of the Website, as well as any other methods of copying of the content are only allowed for personal use unless such actions are allowed by relevant mandatory law or agreed with us in the written form.

1.5 All trademarks, company names, and other business features of this Website are our exclusive property or the property of third parties and therefore cannot be used for commercial purposes without prior approval from us or third parties that own the rights to such materials.

2. Personal Data

2.1 We process our users’ personal data in different ways, according to our Privacy Policy. By using this Website, you agree to these Terms of Use and confirm that you’ve read and accepted our Privacy Policy.

3. Disclaimer

3.1 The Website, along with all the content and services offered on the Website are presented “as is,” without warranties and representations of any kind. Therapy-Reviews.com disclaims any warranties, statutory or implied, including any non-infringement warranties, warranties of fitness for a particular purpose, and warranties of merchantability. Our services and the Website itself may be updated, modified, discontinued, or suspended at any time without any liability or notice.

3.2 We make no warranties or representations regarding any types of content published on the Website. The Therapy-Reviews.com team may investigate, anonymize, edit, or change the Website content at any time if such actions are required under applicable law or demanded by third-party requests.

3.3 We disclaim all liability for the materials published on the Website. Our non-liability applies to all kinds of content, including textual content which can be edited according to these Terms of Use, as well as links to any third-party sources, including the content of pages links to which are included on the Website.

3.4 Comments, reviews, recommendations, and other mentions of specific businesses, services, companies, etc. on the Website are not our endorsements. We disclaim all liability for the availability of the Website and its content.

4. Limitation of Liability

4.1 We should not be held liable for damages resulting from the use of this Website, even if we have been misinformed about the probability of such damages, including:

4.1.1 Any damage or loss connected to the direct, consequential, and indirect liabilities to any third parties;
4.1.2 Profit loss, loss of business opportunity, contracts, business, loss of data or corruption of data, or security breach caused by a failure of third-party technology, sources, or the internet, as well as anticipated revenue or savings;
4.1.3 Any direct, indirect, consequential, punitive, or incidental loss, or any other types of damage whatsoever. The above limitations may not apply to you because some jurisdictions do not allow the limitation or exclusion of liability for consequential or incidental damage.

4.2 Our total liability, including that for misrepresentation, breach of contract, tort, or breach of statutory duty, which arise from or are connected to these Terms of Use, our services, or this Website, will never, under any circumstances, exceed $100.00 (one hundred dollars). By visiting or using the Website, you hereby agree that no claims or other actions that arise from or are related to the use of the Website can be brought by you in more than 1 (one) year after the actionable event. Nothing in these Terms of Use limits or excludes any involved party’s liability related to the matters that cannot be limited or excluded due to applicable law regulations.

5. Othеr Usеr Tеrms

5.1 We may change or revise these Terms of Use at our sole discretion, at any time. We may or may not provide advance notice to inform users about such changes. We may also reorganize or change the Website at our sole discretion, at any time. Any updates, revisions, or changes will be described on the Website.

5.2 If any of these Terms of Use are regarded as without effect or unlawful and therefore are not enforced, this will not impact the enforcement and applicability of any of the remaining provisions described in these Terms of Use.

6. Term and Termination

6.1 We may terminate your right to use and access the Website without liability, at any moment, for any reason. In this case, any rights granted to you will cease immediately. Sections 2-8 will remain applicable if these Terms of Use are terminated.

7. Applicable Law and Venue

7.1 The relationship between you and Therapy-Reviews.com, as well as these Terms of Use, are regulated by the laws of the United States of America. Any disputes should only be brought in federal or state courts of the United States of America. Therefore, the parties accept the jurisdiction of these courts.

8. Copyright Dispute Policy

8.1 The Therapy-Reviews.com policy is to remove or block access to copyrighted materials that have been copied or distributed illegally by any of our affiliates, advertisers, or content providers, and to discontinue service to those who violate these Terms of Use repeatedly. Therapy-Reviews.com uses a copyright infringement policy according to the Digitаl Millennium Cорyright Aсt оr DMCA.

9. Misсеllаnеоus

9.1 You agree that these Terms of Use supersede and govern all previous agreements, proposals, or other communications, and describe the complete agreement between Therapy-Reviews.com and you regarding your use of the Website.

9.2 No provisions described in these Terms of Use can be considered as the creation of any form of joint enterprise, including partnership or agency. Therefore, if we fail to require your execution of any of the provisions included in these Terms of Use, this will not impact our right to require such actions at any time in the future. You may not assign any rights granted to you, and our waiver of a breach of any of the provisions described in these Terms of Use cannot be considered a waiver of the provisions.