Updated on January 13th, 2022

Due to the global crisis related to the coronavirus, healthcare became a priority for many people. An increasing number of individuals are taking care of their mental health and willing to get professional support to get through this turbulent time.

With online therapy getting more and more popular, there are plenty of platforms available through the Internet that connect clients with their online counselors. For a person who never tried a session with a virtual therapist, choosing the right platform might be a challenge.

Also, there’s a need for mental health professionals to access their clients. Due to the pandemic, it has become more challenging. Online platforms are the solution for them. They can continue their practice online, from the comfort of their homes, and extend the practice’s reach.

This is why we have prepared this unbiased review that will highlight one of the platforms for therapists to connect with their clients — Thera-LINK.

General Thera-LINK Therapy Overview

Thera-LINK personal therapy website is a place created for therapists by therapists. It is a platform for professional counselors to create a working space and connect with their clients throughout the world.

In their turn, clients can get in touch with professional counselors and start getting better and improving their mental health.

How Does Everything Work?

The first step to start your practice online is to go through the quick registration process. All you have to do is to give your basic personal information that includes your name, practice name, mobile phone, and email address.

Once your account is created, you will have a chance to start your free 3-day trial period and then choose the matching subscription plan and pay with your credit card. All payments are safe and secure so there is nothing to worry about.

Once your subscription plan is paid, you can take full advantage of the features available on this website. You can easily manage your clients, sessions, account, payments, and all the details via the website.

What Are Main Thera-LINK Features?

This platform offers its users some useful features. Here are the main ones:

Appointment scheduler

This feature makes it possible to easily create appointments at any time, get reminders, and see the schedule in a glimpse. It’s simple to use and you can do this in just a few clicks.

Customizable waiting rooms

Sometimes, clients have to wait for their therapist before the session starts. To make the waiting process more comfortable and pleasant for a client, it’s possible to adjust a virtual waiting room based on your preferences and taste, choose images, music to create a relaxing ambiance. It will take a few minutes to set it all up.


This platform makes it possible for counselors and their clients to take notes during sessions. Digital notes are always handy and can be used at any time for an even more effective treatment process. It’s possible to organize them in an individualized manner, and you can type down everything you think is important and will help with the progress.

Secure messaging and payments

Security is taken seriously on this platform. Their website is HIPPA-compliant, and you can be completely certain that everything you do here will stay safe and confidential.

File sharing

Not all platforms have this feature, but at Thera-LINK, therapists and clients can easily share files they think will be crucial or helpful for the therapy process. It’s easy to both upload and download it to your device. With convenient alerts, no files will be missed, and you will have all the info needed to achieve progress.

Who Are Therapists at Thera-LINK?

The platform is the hub for licensed therapists. Clients can connect with their counselors who will contribute to their well-being and emotional prosperity only via personal invitation the counselor has to send through the site.

It’s possible to connect with your therapist via high-quality live video sessions and solve all your personal emotional problems to improve your life.

What Mental Health Issues and Conditions Can Be Treated by Thera-LINK?

You can connect there with your licensed therapy provider by finding the invitation in the mailbox. Perhaps, you’ve worked with them for some time, or just met on the Internet. So, Thera-LINK is a convenient platform for connecting together and having video sessions.

Your therapist may be trained to help you with anxiety, depression, personality disorders, relationship problems, marriage issues, etc. No matter what issue you have, licensed therapists can give you their expert guidance and support and come up with a personalized treatment plan and

Pricing Policy for the Therapy Services at Thera-LINK

The main thing to know about Thera-LINK as they offer a free 3-day trial period for counselors that doesn’t require your credit card. It makes everything very simple and, as a therapy provider, you can test the platform with no need to pay in advance.

Speaking of the pricing plans available on the website, there are 3 main plans that include basic, plus, and ultimate.

Basic Plan

This plan is very straightforward and costs $30 per month and for this price, you will have 5 sessions with your clients per month.

Plus Plan

This one will cost you $45 and you can have unlimited sessions per month and many useful features like client scheduler, secure file sharing, directory listing, and office manager accounts.

Ultimate Plan

The price for this plan is $65 per month. You’ll get the features available for the plus plan. In addition, it also gives you access to taking notes during sessions, secure messaging with a client, and branded portal.

In case you need a refund, it’s recommended to get in touch with their customer service representative to find out all the details.

What About Clients?

Clients are charged before every session according to the prices of their providers. This may not be as affordable as the prices on other online therapy platforms.

User Experience

This is a simple and user-friendly platform that will be easy to use for everyone. The website has a modern and intuitive design, it’s easy to browse the pages, schedule appointments, and communicate with a client.

A convenient note taker will make your sessions even more effective. You can get back to your notes later.

There is no mobile app but you can use this website from any platform or device you like. The website is compatible with iOS, Android, and all browsers (except for video sessions through Safari on Mac).

Platform Verdict

Based on everything that we have described above, it’s possible to say that Thera-LINK may be a good option for therapists to connect with their clients and vice versa.

The website is modern and user-friendly. It also offers some features that might come in handy during the therapy process.

Unfortunately, there is no mobile app available. But still, this platform makes therapy accessible.

We hope that this Thera-LINK review will help you make the right choice that will be beneficial for your practice as a therapist and emotional well-being as a client. Feel free to browse more reviews of this platform as well as compare other websites that have a focus both on therapists and clients.

Final Words

No matter what counseling platform you opt for, always remember that your mental health is the main priority. Online therapy is already a huge step towards improved emotional well-being. During sessions, you will be able to solve a wide range of your life problems under the guidance of a trained mental health professional.

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