Updated on January 13th, 2022

Online therapy is becoming popular by the day, and it’s not hard to see why. E-therapy is easily accessible, affordable, and, most importantly, judgment-free. Not to mention, numerous platforms work with licensed therapists and counselors. For this reason, you can rest assured you’re getting treatment from the best. However, finding a platform you can trust isn’t a walk in the park. With so many options to choose from, it can be challenging to separate the wheat from the chaff.

One platform you may have come across in your search for reliable online therapy is Timewith. Is it worth it? Can you rely on the therapists to help you through your mental health issues? Find out everything you need to know in this unbiased review.

About Timewith Service

Timewith was created with one goal in mind – to make therapy easily accessible to everyone. According to their mission statement, they strive to provide a digital space that guarantees no one is left behind in their journey to better mental health.

The platform works with experienced and qualified therapists who are accredited by UK’s leading bodies. Not to mention, the experts are trained in different areas to handle various mental health issues.

Sign-Up Process

Signing up on Timewith is a hassle-free process. To sign-up, head on to their website and click on “get started.” You’ll be directed to a page with a questionnaire you’re required to fill before proceeding to the next step. Some of the questions you should expect include:

✓ What is your name?

✓ Who is receiving therapy (child, young adult, couple, employee, or family)?

✓ What do you need help with (state the issue you’re dealing with)

✓ Your location (a postal code is required)

✓ Email address

✓ Mobile number

✓ Details about what you’re going through, thinking, or feeling. It’s crucial to be detailed so that you’re matched with the best therapist.

How It Works

So, how do you start your healthcare journey on Timewith? It’s quite simple. You only need to follow a few steps. These include:

Fill a Questionnaire

As we’ve mentioned, you’ll be required to answer several questions so that the service providers can get more information about you. Make sure you don’t leave anything out because this information is used to match you with a therapist. Once you’re done, you’ll get a list of 10 registered therapists and counselors nearby.

Arrange Sessions and Chat Privately

Browse through the list of professionals and choose a counselor that suits your needs. Afterward, you can book a session with your chosen therapist.

Book and Pay

Once you’ve communicated with your therapist by phone or chat, you can book a session. Timewith platform accepts payment 24 hours after each session to ensure their clients are happy.

Is It Right For You?

Timewith is a good platform for anyone struggling with their mental health and needs someone to talk to. The therapists and counseling experts on the platform are trained and experienced to handle different mental health conditions. However, this platform isn’t for everyone.

If you’re looking for a diagnosis, this isn’t the right place for you because the professionals don’t handle mental health diagnoses. For this, you’ll need to see a licensed psychiatrist. Furthermore, Timewith online service doesn’t include prescription of medication.

Therefore, if you’re on any medication and need a new prescription, it’s best to see a licensed psychiatrist for this as well. The platform isn’t a good option for anyone who is under psychiatric supervision either.

Timewith Features

This platform has several useful features that have been giving its competitors a run for their money.

Some of the things we believe stand out include:

✓ Free phone calls: Before you commit to any therapist, you can call them.

✓ Hassle-free therapist change: If you’re not satisfied with your therapist, you can change without any difficulty.

✓ Multilingual therapists: This makes the platform accessible to everyone across the globe.

✓ Private and encrypted information: You don’t have to worry about your information getting into the wrong hands.

✓ Phone and online sessions: This allows you to access the services wherever you are without any hassle.

Timewith Mental Health Providers

You’re probably wondering what qualifications the counselors at Timewith have. You’ll be happy to know that every therapist and counselor on the team is licensed with vast experience in the industry.

Not to mention, the professionals are accredited by leading psychotherapy groups like COSCA, UKCP, The British Psychological Society, and HCPC. This should be a relief because the UK is known to have one of the strictest psychological testing structures. Therefore, you can rest assured you’re in the right hands.

Mental Health Issues/Conditions Treated By Timewith

Timewith has healthcare providers specializing in different fields. Therefore, you can get help for numerous conditions and mental health issues on the platform. Examples include:

You can get help in any area falling under mental health on the platform. However, to be matched with the best therapist for your needs, you need to provide detailed information. You also get a chance to view the experts’ profiles, which allows you to be part of the process.

However, as we mentioned, you can’t rely on Timewith for prescriptions or diagnosis because the therapists and counselors are not licensed to offer such services.

How Much Does It Cost?

Another factor that makes Timewith stand out from the competition is its fair pricing. The platform offers different pricing depending on the type of therapy you need, and the type of counselor required to offer the treatment. In fact, different therapists charge different fees per session. You can expect to part with the following amounts depending on the type of therapy you choose:

⚬ £55 an hour for a traditional psychotherapist

⚬ £45 an hour for a traditional counselor

⚬ £91 for a traditional psychologist

These prices are fair considering the level of training the professionals at Timewith have. Besides, because the UK has strict psychotherapy testing guidelines, you can rest assured you’re getting value for your money.

Subscription Plans and Pricing

One area that Timewith falls short is its lack of subscription plans. You can only choose the type of therapy and counseling expert you need which determines what you pay. This limits your choices. Not to mention, you can’t plan out your sessions over a long period because you have to pay for each session per hour. Because the prices per hour are quite high, you’ll have to spend a lot for long-term treatment.

However, we love that Timewith allows you to complete your session and get a feel of it before parting with your money. This way, you can decide if it’s value for your money before proceeding.

User Experience

Timewith is a very user-friendly platform. The website has a simple layout that’s easy to navigate, and everything is easily accessible. Furthermore, you don’t have to wait for a long time to get matched with a therapist because it happens in minutes.

However, the site doesn’t have a mobile app. You can only access the services through their website using your desktop or mobile phone.

Refund Policy

You’ve signed up, provided your card details, talked to your chosen therapist, and booked a session. However, something comes up, and you’re certain you won’t be available for the session.

Timewith doesn’t have a refund policy. However, the site allows you to cancel sessions 48 hours before the day you’ve booked. You can do it right on the website or message support to ensure it’s done.

Timewith Review Verdict

Timewith platform is, without a doubt, a reliable online therapy website. The site had gathered a strong team of professionals to help you with various mental health issues and conditions, and their services are convenient and easily accessible. However, compared to other companies, this platform is quite expensive.

You will also not benefit from the site if you need medication or diagnoses. Therefore, weigh the pros and cons before making a final decision.

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