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Updated on November 3rd, 2023

Relationship Hero is a platform that was established mainly to provide people with online advice concerning their relationships. The platform has a goal of assisting people to thrive in their relationships by providing them with guidance for solving issues efficiently and privately.

Relationship Hero was established in 2017 and has its headquarters in San Francisco. The company focuses on all kinds of relationships, including social, family, romantic, and professional.

How Does Relationship Hero Work?

Gaining access to Relationship Hero is relatively easy. All you need is a smartphone, computer, tablet, or any device with internet connectivity. With your device, you need to sign-up and then proceed to receive the support you need.

Relationship Hero gives you access to different coaches who are available at all times of the day or night. That means that clients do not have to make appointments so that they can access the services. You can communicate with the coaches through video chat, phone call, or message chat. Relationship Hero also offers group sessions at an extra fee. Note that the company is available round the clock for relationship-related assistance.

How to Get Started at Relationship Hero

To get started on the platform, you first have to register or sign in. The registering process is quite effortless and does not take more than a few minutes. The first thing you have to do is access the official Relationship Hero website. From the website, click the “sign up” button. Doing so will open up a page with a list of questions. You have to answer the questions to complete the process. The questions are aimed at determining the kind of help you need or hope to find. They are split into categories like dating, cheating, building attraction, and tackling unhealthy relationship patterns, to name a few. The questions you get depend on the category you choose.

After completing the questions, you will be required to choose a mode of communication. It can either be a live chat, messaging, or phone call. Next, you will receive your consultation for free. The free consultation is only given to new members. It aims at providing information on the benefits of counseling, and it only lasts for 10 minutes. After the talk, you will receive tips on how to navigate the platform.

From there, you can choose whether you want to consult with one of the specialists. The platform will automatically pair you with the right expert, depending on the information you provide. You can choose to subscribe or not. However, the platform charges per minute as you use the service.

About the Relationship Hero Website

The platform is quite attractive and very easy to navigate. At the top of the website’s main page, there are information links that clients can access before obtaining the services. For instance, the “About” section provides all relevant details about the company. Through this section, clients can get a better idea of the company before asking private questions and talking about personal challenges.

The website also features the profiles of different coaches. Clients can use the profiles to evaluate the qualifications of the experts before talking with them to get advice on their relationships. The platform also features a reviews section. This section allows clients to read what former and current clients have to say before putting their trust in the company.

Privacy on Relationship Hero

The company takes care of the privacy issues and protects the client data. For instance, all communications between coaches and clients are encrypted to prevent unauthorized access. The platform also allows you to use a nickname if you wish to keep your identity anonymous. Relationship Hero does not ask you to provide a lot of personal information when signing up or using the platform.

Cost of Services: Is Relationship Hero Worth It?

Relationship Hero offers a free consultation for new clients. After that, there are three plans that clients can choose from, depending on their preferences.

They are:

The safe plan

With this option, clients pay 75 dollars for 60 minutes that they can use at any time. This plan allows clients to save 16% as compared to paying by the minute.

The Hero plan

With this option, clients get 240 minutes for 300 dollars.

Subscription plan

This is where clients pay 79 dollars per week. The money is paid monthly. The package comprises 240 minutes every month. It also includes two weekly sessions. It comes with added benefits like being part of a private Facebook discussion group, unlimited messaging with the experts, joining group coaching sessions with clients with similar experiences, and access to free e-books authored by the coaches.

Clients can also choose to forgo the subscriptions and go with the pay-per-minute plan. However, this plan is costlier than the other three. The cheapest one is the subscription plan.

Expert Qualification Reviews

How qualified are the relationship consultants? Relationship Hero hires consultants with degrees in psychology and sociology. Additionally, each of the experts has a profile on the website that you can check to prove their credentials and professionalism. You can also check reviews from previous clients.

However, the company does not hire mental health specialists. The experts are only skilled with experience and expertise in offering advice. They specialize in social development, psychology, toxic relationships, marital affairs, communication, social care, and family planning.

It is also worth noting that Relationship Hero trains all the advisers before they are allowed to interact and offer consultation services to clients. Additionally, while the company matches you to a specific professional, you can always seek insight from professionals within their ranks.

How Easy Is It to Get Help at Relationship Hero?

Getting consultation services on the platform is easy. You only need a device with internet access. The company also has an app for Android and IOS systems.

Why Choose Relationship Hero?

The platform offers several advantages for their clients, including

✓ It provides personalized relationship advice to clients;

✓ The platform covers all types of relationships (romantic, family, professional, and social);

✓ There are many coaches from whom you can get the advice fast and easy;

✓ All the coaches are professionals; they are highly trained and experienced;

✓ The website is easy to navigate;

✓ The company also has an app with a user-friendly interface;

✓ The platform provides services to clients round the clock;

✓ There isn’t an expiry date for credits that you acquire.

This platform is a good option if you need quick advice from a relationship coach, although you should be ready to spend some money if you decide to use this service for a long time. And remember that this platform doesn’t offer talk therapy.

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