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Updated on January 13th, 2022

LiveHealth differs from other numerous online counseling options because it accommodates telemedicine and accepts insurance as a payment form. Unlike other online counseling platforms that only accept PayPal and credit card payments, LiveHealth is open to different payment methods. You can get mental help support from qualified experts who make part of their team without any difficulties with the payment.

What Does LiveHealth Offer?

LiveHealth remote medical online service connects patients in need to experienced doctors and counselors. They promise to give you an opportunity to connect with medical and mental health professionals via smart devices, including tablets, mobile phones, and PCs, but there are many complaints from clients who said they had rather frustrating experiences using the apps.

LiveHealth offers solutions for people who would rather avoid a face time meeting with a therapist. No matter the reasons behind this choice, LiveHealth service makes it possible for you to talk to a provider wherever you are located.

Some of the popular services offered include:

✓ Family-related health concerns

✓ Addressing physical symptoms like fever, eye infections, rashes, and headaches

✓ Grief

✓ Trauma-related concerns

✓ Anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues

✓ Relationships challenges

✓ Life transitions

✓ Persistent health issues

The LiveHealth platform can be useful for people with minor problems that can easily be fixed by a doctor’s diagnosis. For those suffering from mental problems, the team of therapists can also help with therapeutic help. LiveHealth online platform may not work for you in extreme conditions, and immediate assistance is required by visiting the ER. When facing severe mental issues, booking an in-person session for immediate help is the best option.

How LiveHealth’s System Works

While the LiveHealth platform is easy to use, there are certain restrictions, including:

✓ You must be of the age of 18 years to use the platform

✓ You must also be a US resident

✓ Be able to pay in a credit or debit card or using appropriate insurance

✓ Must have access to a mobile device

✓ Have a stable internet connection

Anyone who matches the criteria described above and can download the mobile app on their device easily should consider doing so, especially if they need counseling sessions urgently. The free app is available on both iOS and Android devices.

Whether you want to use their mobile app or website, make sure you first signup – follow certain steps. Create your account by filling the form that displays once you follow the SignUp prompt. You will also have to provide information of where you live by indicating the state of residence. The other crucial information you may need is to indicate the payment plan you want to use, based on whether you have insurance. In case your provider is not listed on the platform, you can always provide their information and get the help you need at a cheaper option. Alternatively, choose to pay for the services by your credit card since it is also an available option.

LiveHealth Services Offered

LiveHealth is a telehealth service that has different licensed therapists and psychologists at your service. The mental health professionals on the LiveHealth platform are all board-certified, meaning that you are sure of dealing with a qualified provider. What’s more, clients get access to a variety of specialists all the time they need urgent help. The prices start from $80 for a session with a therapist and $95 for a consultation with a psychologist.

But what can a doctor on this platform offer you? They will diagnose your issue based on the symptoms and prescribe medication. Doctors’ diagnosis on these platforms is widely accepted because they are licensed and recognized as professionals.

What’s more, your prescription will not be an issue, especially if you need to get the medicines. It is because the platform partners with numerous local pharmacies, making it easy for patients to be served. The prescription is sometimes directly written to the local pharmacy near you, meaning you can easily pick up your medicine. LiveHealth will notify you when to collect the medicine after it is ready since the communication happens between the two partners.

Allergy Sector at LiveHealth

The platform also has a team of certified doctors whose focus is to help patients manage their allergies. The department helps many people with different allergy symptoms. The doctors can tell you what to do and prescribe you medication once you list your symptoms. Depending on the seriousness of the signs that you display, the doctor will decide whether you need to visit the ER or the prescription medicines will work.

Mental Help at LiveHealth

Are you in need of counseling and do not want to meet the therapist in-person? LiveHealth offers 45-minute sessions at a time that is convenient for the client. All you need to do is to sign up, view a list of available therapists, and choose someone who you think fits your needs. You can always choose the therapist you talk to beforehand by examining their profile first.

You may want to pay attention to several aspects when making your choice, including:

✓ Their ability to offer prescription medicine in case you need it

✓ The language they speak

✓ Their areas of specialization

✓ Their level of education

✓ How busy they are

Once you are ready for your session, log in at least 5 minutes before starting the session and fill in essential details, including the session’s purpose. It would also be a great time to verify all your payment details if you are using insurance mode. Once done, you will proceed to the virtual waiting room where you will have to wait for a video call session. You can then talk to the therapist about your issues within the scheduled 45 minutes time frame.

LiveHealth is a telemedicine platform and not an e-counseling platform, so they focus more on medical problems than psychotherapy. But you can also try this platform if you need help from mental health professionals.

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