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Betterhelp.com is an online counseling company that has been in operation since 2013. Their mission is to offer premium and affordable mental health support to those in dire need of the services. The firm’s investment in providing convenient and readily accessible online therapeutic support has played a central role in marketing their services and popularity growth. 

Due to the multiple activities they might have every day, many people worldwide might find it hard to commit themselves to in-person counseling. However, with online therapy, you only need a stable internet connection, phone, or laptop, and you are good to start. All in all, knowing the best site that offers your desired help services might come at a great advantage. 

Fortunately, we researches and analyzes the best mental help service providers and provides unbiased reviews to help those in need of such services during their search and decision-making processes. Here’s our detailed review of the BetterHelp online counseling service to help you learn if the site is worth the investment. 

Quick Site Review 

The firm’s investment in hiring the best and most qualified therapists has enabled many people to trust the site. Everyone looking for therapeutic help at BetterHelp is assured of getting support in many areas. Some of the common mental health issues that BetterHelp therapists will help you with include: 

  • Trauma; 
  • Addiction disorder; 
  • Relationship issues; 
  • Stress;
  • Anxiety. 

Besides, the site offers multiple communication channels to help you choose the most convenient and suitable method as per your preference. That said, the efficacy here is high, which enables you to live a happier and healthier life. 

BetterHelp Advantages and Disadvantages

It is important to briefly look at the pros and cons of the services provided before checking the site’s pricing, performances, and sign up process. 


  • Straightforward interface; 
  • Free trial; 
  • Affordable multiple pricing plans; 
  • Financial assistance and offers; 
  • Multiple communication options; 
  • Possible and straightforward to change a therapist; 
  • Many licensed and qualified counselors. 


  • Live sessions are slightly short; 
  • Your questionnaire response dictates the counselor you get;
  • Therapist responses here might look a bit computerized. 

Is BetterHelp Genuine?

Yes. Over the years, there has been no evidence that BetterHelp is a scam. However, the site has reasonable pricing options and financial assistance programs for those who need the services. This might make some people think the deal is too good to be true, but the site is 100% genuine and trustworthy. 

BetterHelp Counselors 

After signing up, you’ll be assigned a counselor matching your preferences, objectives, and needs. Fortunately, every therapist is well trained and experienced to offer qualified mental health services. However, the professionals might deploy varying techniques or take different approaches, but rest assured the means they take will be of the utmost benefit to you. 

Besides, the experts hold Master’s degrees in relevant psychology fields, and they continue taking additional courses that keep them up to date with the current issues in the world. Finally, it’s worth noting that the specialists go through a strict hiring process to ensure they have the required qualifications and licenses before working for BetterHelp. 

The Process to Follow For First-Time Users 

Here’s a brief look at the process of seeking help at BetterHelp. The guide below will help you learn the essential steps to follow, as well as how to get linked with the best therapist for your issue. 

  1. Complete a questionnaire stating your issues, preferences, and requirements to get matched to the right counselor; 
  2. Create an individual account; 
  3. State your preferences in matters regarding the therapist. This can be age, gender, religion, or race preferences;
  4. Get assigned the best-fitting expert; 
  5. Talk to a consultation counselor, pick a plan, and pay. 

The Accessible Plan and Pricing Choices 

There are multiple payment options available to ensure you easily pick a mode that you are completely comfortable with. Besides, the means accessible are secure and approved. The cost of the sessions ranges from $40-70 weekly. The amount is, however, billed per month. Note that you will save a fortune if you pay for a year-long schedule since there are discounts available. 

Free Trial

To become familiar with the site settings and type of services being offered, BetterHelp offers all first-time users a 7-day free trial. Also, the free trial period at BetterHelp opens your mind and bolsters the chances of making the right choice. 

All in all, it’s worth noting that before starting the free trial, you will be required to input your card details. Once the period is over, you will be notified that your amount will be withdrawn to cater to the service’s cost. Should you change your mind and consider that you won’t continue using the services, you can cancel at any time. 

Communication Options Available for You 

As earlier noted, there are many communication options and plans to pick. However, the cost of these plans is slightly different, although the efficiency remains good. Besides, all the available options are super easy to use: 

  • Unlimited messages; 
  • Live chat;
  • Calls;
  • Video calls. 

Essential Factors When Picking the Best Counseling Service

Solving mental issues through the help of a counseling expert can help you get the treatment you need perfectly. Here’s a list of the essential factors to consider before choosing your ideal mental health helper:

  • The quality of service; 
  • Value for money; 
  • Confidentiality; 
  • Support service effectiveness.

Final Thoughts 

Online therapeutic services have gained popularity recently due to the procedures’ ease of use, high efficacy, and convenience. The affordability of the support and confidentiality offered when using the services also helps users get the desired assistance without fear of judgment or spending beyond their budget. 

However, before selecting your best mental health service, it is important to go through the site’s reviews to understand if the support offered is worth the investment you are about to make. For instance, the blog contains everything you need to know concerning BetterHelp online therapeutic services. The guide will help you make an informed decision and know if the support offered here matches your quality demands and preferences. 

Diverse pool of therapists
Free trial
Text, audio & live messaging
Reviews from customers are mostly positive
It's possible to switch therapists
Many licensed and qualified counselors
Slow support system
Therapists are often overworked and feel distracted
Sometimes therapists are late for video sessions


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