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Do you have a question to ask a professional, but do not know where to get one? JustAnswer provides a platform for you to contact an expert in any field. Although it is mainly intended to offer help on health and medical queries, it does much more. Other than mental health questions, JustAnswer has resources for legal, tax, automotive, pet, appliances, and life categories. 

JustAnswer was established in 2003. Since then, it has been helping people from all over the world to reach professionals in a matter of minutes. The company’s official website shows impressive statistics. JustAnswer has helped over 10 million customers since its establishment. It has launched websites in the UK, Germany, Spain, and Japan. 

Pros Cons
Affordable sessions Complicated pricing model
No limit for follow up questions      Counseling process is not clear
Experts available 24/7


To choose a counselor on the website, clients can rely on the customer review. Each review states how good a counselor is at what they do. The counselor profile indicates their educational background, area of specialization, and which questions they can answer. 

JustAnswer Com Experts — What Is Their Specialty?

The website has thousands of experts specializing in almost every field one can think of.

Below are the categories from which visitors may ask questions:

  • Legal & Tax;
  • Cars & Vehicles;
  • Health & Medical;
  • Pets & Veterinary;
  • Home & Appliances;
  • Computer & Education;
  • Life & Personal. 

Perhaps the most popular field that the website offers help in is mental health. They have licensed counselors to help members navigate various psychological issues.

The mental health problems one may get consultation are:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Anger management
  • Sleeping disorders
  • Addiction
  • ADHD
  • Eating disorders

JustAnswer Com — How It Works

The experts on this platform are trained to handle all questions, regardless of how sensitive they are. They are compassionate and reliable. Because all Q&A sessions are one-on-one, they provide ample time to address all concerns you may have. 

Online chat is the main mode of communication on the platform. When you type a query in the chatbox, your counselor responds in the same format. You may also use phone calls which are limited to tw2o per month. This option only applies to those with a monthly subscription. 

Text messages are used by clients who need answers fast. They are more convenient because one does not have to stay online waiting for a response, as is the case with chats. Generally, the platform’s counselors respond fast on all channels. 

How Much Does JustAnswer Therapy Cost?

JustAnswer has a different pricing model compared to most online counseling websites. Because it has a Q&A section, customers are allowed to access free answers. They can browse through this section to see answers to previous questions which might be all they need. 

However, to ask a specific question, one must pay. Each question is billed at $5 and is much cheaper than what other platforms charge for a session. Compared to in-person counseling, JustAnswer is the cheaper option. 

There are full Q&A sessions that cost $12-$90. Factors that determine the actual price one pays are the category of questions and how fast one needs answers. Although you must reserve the payment upfront, it is only released if you are satisfied with the service. 

New customers enjoy a 7-day free trial. During this period, you get to ask questions and receive answers for free to help you decide whether to pay for the service. The credit card information provided upon signing up is only put in use after you decide to use the service beyond the free trial period. 

The platform has 3 subscription packages for long-time clients. The packages cost $40-$100 and have different features.

Below is a breakdown of JustAnswer subscription packages:

  • Basic Plan (Limited follow up questions) — $46
  • Plus Plan (Unlimited follow up questions) — $68
  • Premium Plan (Unlimited follow up questions) — $95

A subscription gives access to Q&A sessions, follow-ups, and being able to ask questions on behalf of others. Compared to seeing a professional in person, this service is fairly priced. Furthermore, it would be impossible to ask questions on behalf of others in a traditional counseling setting. 

How Your Privacy Is Protected on JustAnswer Com

You do not have to use your real identity on JustAnswer. You can use an anonymous avatar or a nickname. While asking a question, you do not have to include your name or any personal details in the chat. Despite being an open platform, this service protects customer’s identities. 

When signing up, you are required to give payment details. These are only used if you choose to proceed after the free trial period. The details are not shared with third parties. The company has a lengthy confidentiality policy on their website. 

For your safety, the company discourages the use of personal information. You are advised to create an ambiguous username that does not hint at your identity. If, after asking a question, you would like to edit it and remove personal details, you can contact customer support.

JustAnswer Customer Support Availability

Customer support is available 24/7. You may choose to contact a support agent through live chat, phone calls, or email. The live chat option is the fastest because it guarantees an instant response. However, other channels are just as good because the wait times are not long. 

JustAnswer Refund Policy

This online counseling service prioritizes customer satisfaction. However, the management is ready to make amends if something goes wrong. Customers who are not satisfied with the quality of service received can always ask for their money back. 


If you are looking for a quick answer to any question, this platform is right for you. The counselors respond fast, and you do not need to schedule a session to get help. All prices are fixed, and customers may get discounts from time to time. These are the best qualities of JustAnswer. 

The downside to this service is you do not get to choose who you work with. However, the company always makes an effort to match you with a suitable expert. Many customer reviews prove that this platform works. Therefore, JustAnswer is highly recommended for anyone who has a question that needs an expert answer. 

Affordable sessions
No limit for follow up questions
Experts available 24/7
Complicated pricing model
Counseling process is not clear
Lack of live chat support.


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