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ReGain specific focus on couple and relationship therapy makes the platform outstanding. Besides, being an online counseling firm, the platform offers the desired convenience and accessibility to anyone in need of counseling services.

By convenience and instant accessibility, it’s possible to get the service you need through your phone or laptop. All you need is a reliable internet connection. However, you might also need a detailed review of the site, especially if you are starting, as this helps you know if you’ll get the quality services you desire. Luckily enough, below is our detailed and unbiased review of the number one couple’s therapy providers.

In most cases, relationship challenges go unsolved. Unfortunately, what might start as a minor issue might end up bringing division and ending your relationship. But as noted earlier, most relationships’ problems don’t lie in avoiding the challenges but in solving these issues to perfection.

Whereas our focus at Therapy Reviews isn’t to offer counseling advice, our team researches and analyses the best therapeutic service providers. Depending on the excellence of the services provided, we give a detailed review of the site to help those in dire need of similar support.

So, What Does ReGain Counseling Service Entail?

ReGain is an American counseling firm that has been in operation since 2016. The firm focuses on relationship therapy and solving couples’ issues. The platform offers online counseling, enabling you to get help from qualified, licensed, and experienced relationship counselors from the comfort of your home.

Working with experts in the counseling field offers you a chance to get emotional and mental support as well as advice, based on the issues you are going through.

The provided guide will help you to: 

  • Avoid future fights and quarrels;
  • Achieve harmony in your relationship;
  • Understand each other better.

ReGain’s General Overview

A quick look at the site’s pros and cons can easily affect your final decision. So, let’s have a brief glimpse of the factors before exploring more about the platform.


  • Stress-free sign-up process;
  • Fair and affordable pricing;
  • Licensed counselors who have specialized in a specific area;
  • Suitable for use over phone or  computer;
  • Multiple chatting/communication options.


  • You don’t get a free trial;
  • You cannot pick your desired therapist since the process is automated;
  • There are no multiple pricing options;
  • The response time varies, and it can be long at times.

The Registration Process

It is quick, fun, and simple. That’s the best description of ReGain’s sign-up process. The questionnaire to fill here is brief, as you only need to indicate whether you’ll be receiving counseling alone or with your partner. However, your partner isn’t required during the sign-up process, as you can do the process yourself. Besides:

  • You’ll tell about your expectations;
  • You will note down the issues you are facing;
  • You will note down your preferences in matters regarding your choice of a therapist.

The whole sign up process requires you to input the mentioned personal info so the system can assign you the ideal therapist for your issues.

During the last stage of registration, you’ll create a personal account. Here, you can use your Facebook, Google, or email account. Make sure you secure your account by typing in a strong password.

After that, you’ll receive a verification code to ensure you’ve used the right personal email, which upon activating, you’ll be ready to log in and access ReGain counseling services.

The Cost of ReGain Counseling Services

Overall, online therapy is offered at a low cost compared to traditional in-person counseling. That means that you’ll save a fortune when you use the ReGain online therapeutic services, as you will still get quality support and effective treatment.

Unfortunately, the firm’s greatest drawback is its lack of a free trial. Therefore, first-time users of the services won’t have a chance to try the support’s effectiveness before investing their resources. However, even without the free trial, paying the set $40-70 counseling-cost per week is fairly affordable.

Besides, the amount is billed monthly, therefore, offering the desired convenience. The inclusion of secure and easily available payment options also comes as a great advantage. It is also worth noting that long-term subscriptions are less expensive. Finally, if you don’t like the support being offered, you have a chance to cancel the subscription with a click of a button.

Convenience of Use

The site has a simple and easy-to-navigate interface. Therefore, even with your minimal computer knowledge, you will easily navigate the platform to get the support you need. Other than that, the platform is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

ReGain platform is also suitable for computer and mobile use, meaning that you can easily access the help you need from anywhere anytime. Creating an account here offers you access to a chatting room with your counselor.

This section is equally easy to navigate, as its design is akin to a social media platform. You also get notifications once the therapist responds to your earlier query. Finally, using the site saves your time, as the process allows you to schedule your meeting with your therapist.

Customer’s Confidentiality

The inclusion of high-end security measures plays an important role in the growth of ReGain counseling services. All data, including messages and chats, are encrypted to minimize and avert the danger of leakage.

Besides, since the counselors are state-approved and licensed as per the federal law, everything you share remains confidential. Finally, you can easily create an anonymous profile during registration, which offers you the utmost confidentiality. In other words, ReGain is a firm that you can trust. Their non-collaboration with insurance firms ensures zero cases of private info sharing.

Final Thoughts

Conclusively, relationship complications are better solved in the presence of a relationship specialist. The advice provided by these experts can help you enjoy happier and healthier relationships. That said, ReGain is a platform you can always trust for quality couple’s therapeutic services. And you can always get more helpful info on the Therapy Reviews website to help you make informed decisions.

Stress-free sign-up process
Fair and affordable pricing
Licensed counselors who have specialized in a specific area
Suitable for use over phone or computer
Multiple chatting/communication options
You don’t get a free trial
You cannot pick your desired therapist since the process is automated
There are no multiple pricing options
The response time varies, and it can be long at times


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