Main Reasons You Might Feel Stuck in Life and How to Overcome This Feeling

Updated on August 27th, 2021

Every person has gone through a period of feeling completely stuck in life. If you think that you stand still and nothing changes or happens in your life, you have come to the right place.

Whereas it’s fine to feel stagnant for a short period of time as we are all humans, this emotional state requires more serious attention in case nothing excites you anymore, you become less social, and refuse to keep moving towards your goal.

It can be even associated with some sort of existential crisis but usually, this is one of the most troubling depression symptoms. Therefore, it’s pivotal to timely recognize the problem and solve it to bring your motivation back.

Why You Feel Stuck in Life and What to Do With It

So if you have been wondering lately “why I’m stuck?” and want to know how to get out of this rut then keep reading. In this article you are going to find out the following important points:

  • why you feel stuck;
  • main symptoms you are stuck in a rut;
  • how to deal with this emotional condition;
  • ways online therapy can help you solve the problem.

It’s high time to get answers to all of these questions.

Core Signs of Feeling Stuck

“I feel stuck in life”.

This is the feeling we all experienced at some point in our lives. Here are the main symptoms that might indicate you got stuck in a rut and need to look for a possible solution to enjoy your life all over again and live it up.

These include: 

  • it’s hard for you to get excited about things;
  • you lost your work/life motivation;
  • you reminisce about the past;
  • you don’t prioritize your emotional well-being;
  • you constantly daydreaming about unreal life events;
  • you don’t see purpose in what you do;
  • you don’t believe there will be more in your life;
  • your life is on autopilot;
  • you feel unhappy;
  • there is nothing for you to look forward to.

What Are the Possible Reasons for Feeling Stuck in Life?

Why do you feel stuck? There are plenty of potential reasons you might feel stuck in life. These are the most common ones:

  • you have a dead-end job;
  • you don’t enjoy where you live;
  • you are surrounded with wrong people who drain you emotionally;
  • you are not aware of your true needs;
  • you are not connected to your life purpose;
  • you don’t know how to set up goals in the right way;
  • your past is haunting you;
  • you compare yourself to others on a constant basis;
  • you are way too pessimistic;
  • you wait for your life to be smooth and perfect;
  • you are afraid to take responsibility for your life.

Actions to Take and Deal With Feeling Stuck in Life

When you feel stuck in a rut, the main thing is to recognize that you have an emotional problem and that it requires your time and effort to be addressed.

Here are some pretty effective tips that will help you boost your life motivation and start feeling better.

Remember that your well-being and your life quality are completely up to you and you have all the power to change it for the better.

Take Better Care of Yourself

First of all, take care of yourself physically and spiritually. Some self-compassion can be beneficial for your progress. Sometimes we can be too hard on ourselves so it’s the right time for you to look after yourself.

Make sure you eat well, sleep sufficiently, exercise regularly, as well as minimize daily stresses. Speaking of emotional self-care, get strong social support from friends and family.

Change Your Routine

It will be hard to move forward if your routine stays the same. Shake it up and bring new habits to your life. Some new experience is exactly what you need right now.

Do things that are not typical for your common behavior. Reorganize your daily routine and make positive changes. If you scroll social media before going to bed then try to read a book or meditate instead.

Try Out New Things

Be spontaneous and go have some fun. Do things that you have never tried before. Get a new hobby that seemed crazy or you simply thought you didn’t have enough time.

By signing up for classes you will not just broaden your horizons but will also meet new people who share the same interests and can positively affect your life.

Rediscover Your Purpose

Being stuck in a rut is usually related to the lack of purpose. Take your time and answer the most important question of whether you do what you want and live your life as you want it.

If you are not satisfied with one/many aspects of your life then it’s a critical time to rediscover your life purpose and start moving in the right direction.

Get Rid of Your Perfectionism

Some people feel stuck in life because of mere perfectionism. It holds them back and makes them stand in the same place. If you also tend to perfectionism then you have to squash it.

It’s important to realize that nothing has to be perfect to be good and make you happy. Simply enjoy the process and keep moving even if the results are not as polished as you want them to be.

Learn to Boost Your Motivation

Once you are already on the path of changes, it’s crucial to know how to motivate yourself to keep going. Set small goals and take small steps to its accomplishment.

Don’t forget to reward yourself even for the slightest progress as you will get the needed energy that will push you forward.

Engage in Online Therapy

Taking into account that it might be very challenging for a person to cope with this emotional apathy. In this case, some professional assistance can be highly recommended.

Online therapy will be the most convenient and affordable way for you to connect with a qualified therapist and start working on your problem.

A mental health professional will come up with a personalized treatment plan so you will be able to work it all through and start your mental recovery under the guidance of an accomplished counselor.

Final Thoughts

We all felt stuck in life and this feeling is completely normal as every day has its ups and downs. However, in case this emotional condition accompanies you for a long period of time and you cannot get out of this dark place then it’s the right time to consider getting some professional help.

Taking into account that feeling stuck in life might be a red flag to something more serious like depression, online therapy will be highly recommended. This is a proven way of connecting with experienced therapists who will help you determine the root of the problem and will help you start getting better.

Don’t hesitate to give it a try and make your first step to a healthy mental life. The sooner you start the treatment the sooner you will feel much better and will be able to get back on track and live a fulfilling life.

Matthew is an experienced and passionate BIPOC and inclusivity mental health expert. They are also a blogger, speaker, and relationship coach. Matthew helps people practice self-love and find mental and emotional peace through simple, practical tips and resources.

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