What You Need to Know About Sanguine Temperament

Updated on February 2nd, 2022

People that exhibit sanguine temperament and personality traits are typically the most free-spirited of a group. These people are everywhere, they are the ones behind the action, and they set the mood. We will be looking at the pros and cons of this personality trait in this piece.

What You Need to Know About Sanguine Temperament

What is Sanguine Temperament?

As far as the life of a gathering goes, you cannot look further than people with a sanguine temperament. The Sanguine personality is affected by dopamine, which makes these people intensely curious and creative. This creativity is both a gift and a curse. Sanguine personality traits were first identified by Hippocrates, a Greek physician that lived from 460-370 BC. It is significantly different from other personality traits, as in this case, the highs are incredibly high, while the lows can be a bit deliberate.

People with the sanguine personality trait are among the most creative in society, and you can find them in the entertainment industry. These individuals are also experts at multitasking, they are fantastic conversationalists, and they can spot potential from a mile away. However, it isn’t all roses and tulips for people who exhibit a sanguine temperament, as they have some dour moments. So in this piece, we will be showcasing the good, bad, great, not-so-great, and every other potential emotion that comes with the cheerful personality.

How to Identify a Sanguine Personality?

Here are some pointers that regularly pop up with a sanguine individual.

1. Risk Taking

There’s a saying that with significant risk come rewards, but it is clear that sanguine personalities took that saying a notch up. That’s because, in this scenario, people with the confident personality trait go the extra mile to take risks that others would hardly consider. They do not see these risks as “dangerous per se”; instead, they see it as just a quick thrill. These people feel bored if they are not absorbed by something intriguing, and taking such risks spices up their existence.

Sanguine personalities are usually the ring leaders when a group of individuals partakes in a risky endeavor. That is because they are seemingly built for the thrill, and they won’t stop till they reach a logical (or occasionally illogical) conclusion. This risk-taking could get them in trouble, but to them, what’s life without a touch of danger?

2. Luxurious Living

Luxury is an acquired taste, but not for these folk, as sanguine personalities would go a step further into living a charmed life. It is possible for a host of them, as they are masters of creativity, hence, the amount of work they get in the highly competitive entertainment industry. Living in luxury is a dream for someone possessing a sanguine temperament, and such a person would not give up until the goal is achieved. What’s more, they are some of the most competitive people around, and you can tell their magnetic presence once they walk into a room.

Typically, this quest for living in luxury is not a societal problem as long as it is curbed before it gets out of hand. Sanguine personalities that aren’t of the highest societal standard might find it hard to suppress the urge to attain peak luxury. Living a fleeting life is the goal, and it takes a specific type of sanguine personality to understand that such a goal isn’t the only source of joy around.

3. Haters of Boredom

What is boredom to a sanguine personality? It is no doubt one of the worst feelings ever. This feeling is so profoundly loathed that people with the sanguine temperament are known all around the dorm as boredom busters. They are likely the ones behind the most turnt parties, they are masters of the art of conversation, and they don’t give a toss. Also, you are not likely to see a confident personality keep an eight to four job, as such a regimented pattern bores them.

For the most part, they are known to try to avoid routine and monotony at all costs, and such behavior can lead to mixed results. On the one hand, they are more likely to break down barriers when compared to their peers. Then, on the other hand, they are less likely to stay on an admirable but strict job past the first couple of weeks. Curiosity killed the cat; I am pretty sure that these folk did not get the memo.

Advantageous Traits of a Sanguine Temperament

Here are some of the positives that come with a sanguine personality.

1. Easy Going

Sanguine personalities do not seem to have stress in the world, and they are so comfortable in their hyperactive bubble. These people are far less likely to hold a grudge about something that a friend did ages ago. What’s the point when they can spell out the bone of contention and keep up the good energy the next day?

A sanguine temperament goes a long way in letting things slide, and these people are experts at resolving problems. They genuinely do not take things personally, and it is such an asset.

2. Confident

Confidence is an inherent trait, even though a person can undergo training to improve their confidence. However, sanguine personalities do not have that issue, and instead, they have the confidence trait on lock. Usually, they have higher self-esteem and portray themselves as being confident in who they are. What’s more, they are experts at speaking things into existence, manifesting, and spurring a crowd to go nuts.

It is not that some other personality traits are not confident, but hardly any other attribute does it like sanguine personalities. These folks are probably the reason why people talk about those that walk like they own the world. I am pretty sure that a particular character trait is behind such cocksure shenanigans.

3. Full of Energy

Energy is meant to come in bursts and quick thrills, but not for these folk. No, sanguine personalities have a bundle of energy that can hardly be nipped and most certainly would not be curbed. They hardly seem tired or down, and they’re quick-witted, making people find them funny and intelligent.

The factor behind this is the excess dopamine activity resident in their genetic makeup. It is no wonder that some of the biggest rock and roll front men are solid proponents of that life. It’s likely down to be a well-established and always eager to please a sanguine personality.

Disadvantageous Traits of a Sanguine Temperament

We have showcased the merits of a sanguine personality; it only fits that we show you the not-so-good traits.

1. Recklessness

Everyone has a license to thrill, but everyone should understand that excessive thrilling can be sorely detrimental. That is something that sanguine personalities find difficult regulating, as they can’t help embarking on an adventure. This reckless streak can put them in potentially harmful situations that could harm themselves or others.

That is high up the list of why sanguine personality types are sometimes not allowed to lead an adventure. It is too much of a risk of letting a high roller lead the way.

2. Mood Swings

Like we said earlier, a sanguine personality trait could either be a gift or a curse. There is hardly ever any middle ground with such folk, which is a major contributing factor to mood swings. Such swings aren’t peculiar to only sanguine personalities, but there’s can take a very dark turn.

These individuals have mood swings and intense emotional outbursts without warning, which end as quickly as they start. There shouldn’t be any worry as long as such mood swings do not lead to self-harm or harming others. However, if that is the case, then you should proffer a solution with immediate effect.

Final Thoughts

People that exhibit the sanguine personality trait are precious in society, as they serve as tastemakers of some sort. They are the main risk-takers, boredom busters, party animals, and lit turnt folks. Having a society without all of the above would be pretty dull. Indeed, and that’s why their presence is of the essence.

Matthew is an experienced and passionate BIPOC and inclusivity mental health expert. They are also a blogger, speaker, and relationship coach. Matthew helps people practice self-love and find mental and emotional peace through simple, practical tips and resources.

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