12 Early Relationship Problems and 12 Ways to Easily Solve Them Before It’s Too Late

Updated on July 15th, 2021

While starting a new romantic adventure with a new partner, people can “get lost” in their feelings. They miss all the early red flags that might lead to more serious relationship problems or even breakup.

To avoid such unfortunate outcomes, it’s crucial to get familiar with the most typical issues that couples face in the early stages of their relationships.

Keep reading! This article contains plenty of useful information to help you get through any early problem in relationships and live happily. Down below, you’ll find out:

  • the most typical early problems in relationships are
  • the ways to solve them
  • how online therapy can change the situation for the better

Recognize the warning signs. Find out how to save or improve relationships, or how to simply avoid arguments and manage stress related to interpersonal issues. Let’s get started.

Typical Early Relationship Difficulties Couples Encounter

Let’s take a look at the problems that usually cause a lot of discomfort, relationship anxiety, and simply ruin your romantic partnership. Keep in mind: we are all different and unique, but these relationship problems are the most common that people experience.

Check them out and explore the simple ways that make it possible to fix them and avoid conflicts in the future.

1. You Spend Way Too Much Time Together

The first common issue in a relationship is believed to be associated with “girlfriend problems.” People think that usually females are more likely to get head over heels with their partner and are more willing to occupy all their time and space.

However, it’s not necessarily a rule. It depends on a person, their needs, and their attachment style in a relationship.

Nevertheless, spending way too much time together and always staying together won’t let you both breathe freely. At some point, you will “get tired” of each other. Constant presence, discontent, lack of “me” time, tense, or even arguments will disconnect you.

How to Fix It:

Even if you feel overwhelmed with the thrill, love, and attraction towards your partner, you both need your own personal space. Don’t lose yourself in a relationship.

Remember, you have your own life to live. Instead of suffocating together, give your partner and yourself time to do things you like or have been doing while single.

Read a book, meet up with your friends, go to a gym, take a professional course to get promoted at work, whatever — all this stuff makes you the person you are.

Don’t act like your relationship is tightening your life and make it rotate around a person you are in love with.

2. You Don’t Spend Enough Time Together

We live in a hectic world right now, and most people are busy taking care of their careers or other daily routine chores.

On the contrary, some couples don’t have enough free time to spend together with their partners. This early problem might lead to distancing in their relationships or, what’s even worse, break up.

How to Fix It:

If you are really swamped with work, your main task will be to find time and spend quality time together with your partner. Schedule dates in advance, think of activities and hobbies you can share to spend more time together.

This will enable you to find an even deeper understanding and connection. It will keep the flame and make you closer to each other.

Devote an hour or two to even simply talk with your romantic partner about their feelings. It will help you bond faster and harmonize your communication so your relationship thrives in the future.

3. Communication Issues

Many problems that couples encounter during the early stages of their relationship are the inability to communicate effectively. Some people don’t communicate enough and eventually, some misunderstandings occur.

How to Fix It:

Communication is always a key to a successful relationship on any stage. It’s important to talk to your partner about everything you have on your mind to avoid problems, misunderstandings, and arguments.

It’s unlikely that your partner is a mind reader. So make sure you communicate not just your thoughts and desires but also your feelings.

Usually, people associate this as one of the “boyfriend problems.” It’s believed that males are less likely to share their emotions and talk about their feelings. However, it’s also not a rule.

Both, you and your partner have to create the ambiance of openness and readiness to listen to and hear each other. Don’t forget to analyze the information received from your partner and use it to make some improvements. Listen to make your love life better.

4. Financial Arguments

Financial problems and the inability to manage your money are some of the most common couple problems. Many couples have arguments when it turns out they have different spending and saving habits.

When after a care-free romantic period it comes to paying bills, rent, and making important financial decisions, many people face a reality. They realize they manage finances differently.

How to Fix It:

Taking into account that financial arguments can be quite a pickle in a relationship, partners have to discuss budgeting and other money-related matters. You both have to decide how you manage your money.

Whether you have a common family budget and share all spendings, or you pay for each other separately, you have to openly talk about it and make an agreement.

If your decision changes over time, you should discuss this problem all over again. Everything has to be transparent.

5. Problems With Sex Life

Sex occupies a paramount place in the lives of all people. While building a relationship, some couples face problems with their sex life which may be the dead-end road.

In some cases, they don’t have as much intimacy as they want. In other cases, partners simply have different preferences.

No matter what intimacy problem you and your partner have, it should be your top priority to fix.

How to Fix It:

Building a relationship means investing your time and effort in it. To keep the passion between you and your partner, make sure you do whatever it takes to diversify your intimate life. Make it more regular, healthy, and pleasant for both of you.

If you have some hidden preferences or desires that your partner is not aware of, let them know so your sexual energy and fantasy doesn’t get bottled up.

All in all, intimate life is not all about sex.

6. Trust Issues

This is a huge problem for people who have been cheated on in the past. It’s not all your fault, and opening your heart to a new person is never easy. But if you are way too cautious and jealous of your partner, building a successful and happy relationship may be a problem for both of you.

How to Fix It:

As we know, jealousy can kill everything in your romantic life. First of all, don’t let your previous experience ruin your current relationship. Leave your negative experience behind and have faith in your present partner.

Also, it’s important to discuss your traumatic experience with your loved one. Share your worries, pains, and why you’re so cautious. Feel the support from them.

If your partner really lets you down, think about ending the relationship. Life is too short to be with a person who doesn’t appreciate what you have together.

7. Your Partner Doesn’t Handle Criticism

No one is perfect. If you provide your partner with some constructive criticism or even remarks to improve the quality of your communication and relationship, but they cannot handle it, it becomes a misunderstanding. It can cause even more problems over time.

How to Fix It:

Try to provide feedback in a more gentle manner. Take your time to talk and explain how their behavior negatively affects your relationship. If your partner still refuses to accept your ideas on improvement, discuss why it’s important for you.

Think about leaving the relationship if there’s no desire to invest time and efforts to work on them mutually.

8. Differences in Life Goals, Values, and Principles

If you want to build something meaningful with your partner then having common goals and similar life values and principles is obligatory for a healthy relationship. Some couples start fighting and their relationship turns sour because their life goals don’t align.

How to Fix It:

There is no right way to fix this. You may:

  • Have a dialogue and discuss this problem together
  • Think about what you can do about it to make your relationship work
  • Talk with a therapist and find a solution for your problems
  • Develop couples goals together respecting each other values and aspirations
  • Simply let each other go so you both can meet a person in the future and move in the common direction.

9. Unrealistic Expectations

It happens when we want more than our partner can actually offer us. Very often, romantic partnerships break down because one of the partners sets some unrealistic expectations towards another one in their relationship.

How to Fix It:

Never expect anything from your partner as your relationship is not a game. The main key to happiness is openness and transparency. Simply talk to them and explain to them what you want them to do and how you can help in this.

Once your partner hears you out, they will give you feedback on whether it’s possible or not. Thus you:

  • Won’t get lost in your dreams
  • Won’t waste energy by overthinking your life together
  • Will be up to date with your partner’s goals and capabilities 

10. You Don’t Like Partner’s Friends and Family

Our friends and family are the social basis of each person. These people usually form our personalities and make us who we are.

This inner circle is one of the most important things for us. So getting along with friends and family of your partner may be also an important aspect of a healthy relationship with a happy future.

If you don’t get along well with each other, there may be some challenges.

How to Fix It:

Interpersonal relations are challenging and complex. If you don’t have connections with your partner’s friends and family, don’t get desperate. It all takes time and effort. You have to channel energy and time into getting to know each other better.

Simply give your communication a try and spend some time together to get familiar with each other. Do some things that will bring enjoyment to you and your partner’s friend or family member. You will have a chance to bond and finally break the ice.

If you don’t want to communicate with these people, consider them toxic, don’t force yourself to break your boundaries. Discuss your feelings with a partner.

11. Broken Promises

While trying to impress, people don’t usually realize that they are making promises they aren’t able to keep. If there are no actions after loud words, it might be a bad sign for a couple.

Relationships are always related to commitments. In case you or your partner breaks promises, your match might get ruined.

How to Fix It:

No matter how badly you want to impress, making promises you can’t keep won’t do any good. Be a person of your own words. If you said something then make sure to make it come true.

If you are unable to do this, don’t give your partner false hopes. Building a relationship is possible with complete honesty and trust.

12. Emotional Thrill Stage Is About to End Up

Some couples start arguing because their relationship is changing. The passion fades away, your communication gets more mundane, and you start missing the most romantic period in your life.

Therefore, you or your partner might consider something’s going wrong.

How to Fix It:

Just realize that it’s completely normal and it’s still the evolution of your romantic relationship. Don’t be afraid and don’t sabotage your couple’s bond.

Be ready and open to a new stage in your love life. It will bring you new emotions, new impressions, and new challenges you will have to live through together.

Ways Online Therapy Can Help Solve Problems in a Relationship

For some couples, solving their interpersonal problems might be very challenging. If you want to save your relationship but don’t know where to start, seek online therapy.

Some people don’t even want to try it. They consider it very time and money-consuming. Luckily, there is a great alternative to face-to-face sessions with a counselor.

Online therapy is gaining popularity today:

  • It enables people to effectively solve the most common relationship problems
  • You can get help with other emotional and mental health issues
  • In comparison with traditional therapy, online sessions are much more affordable
  • There is no need to waste time commuting to the therapist’s office — you can connect with them via text, audio, email, or video call and talk about everything that bothers you.

There are so many platforms today, and each one offers a range of subscription plans that suit people with different needs and budget expectations. So you will definitely find the right fit for you reading our reviews.

What about Online Relationship Therapy?

Speaking of coping with common relationship problems, you can connect with an experienced and licensed professional. They will help you achieve progress and improve your romantic relationship.

It’s possible to have sessions on your own or with your partner so you can discuss your issues right away.

Online sessions will surely be beneficial for your couple as you will have the guidance of an experienced therapist. They will provide guidance, support, and compassion, as well as a personalized treatment plan based on your particular problem in a relationship.

No matter what hardships you are going through, online therapy is a perfect opportunity to speak about everything that hinders you from living a happy life.

You will have a chance to:

  • Get to know yourself and your partner better
  • Become aware of your and your loved one’s emotional needs
  • Learn to take them into account and fulfill for a balanced and healthy relationship.

Final Thoughts on Early Relationship Problems

Building a healthy romantic relationship ain’t easy. No matter how perfect it might seem at first, still, you, as a couple, will certainly face some relationship issues.

The earlier you realize you are going through some challenging times in your communication and interpersonal relations, the better. It will be much easier for you to learn to solve these issues. Or, you can turn to some professional help in case you cannot do this on your own.

Online therapy will be a great solution for coping with your couple problems in the most convenient way. Don’t hesitate to give it a try. You will see some immediate changes in your relationships and life.

For Elizabeth, mental health is a personal story. She is an author who provides innovative, creative, and engaging content on topics such as stress management, emotional wellness, relationships, etc. She enjoys creating a useful content to empower people and uses personal experience to help others on their journey to recovery.

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