Top Quality Affordable Online Therapy

Updated on November 9th, 2020

We all love to be treated to free stuff now and then. It is human nature to want to feel appreciated and get recognized now and then. It is this nature that most companies try to exploit while marketing their products to you. For example, if you walk in a convenient store near you, there will be some shelves with messages such as “buy two and get one free.” The temptation to buy that brand as opposed to your preferred product will be heightened by the sweet nature of the deal. 

In the current economic climate, things are getting tougher for households across the country. The Coronavirus pandemic has made it harder for people to report to work or go about their business. Therefore, it is becoming harder for people to afford the stuff they want. Finding someone offering free stuff would be too sweet of a deal to pass. 

Top Quality Affordable Online Therapy

However, there are those things that you cannot afford to take chances with. Your mental health is very crucial. You cannot afford to entrust your mental treatment to every other individual simply because they said they are providing free services. On the other hand, not everyone can afford these services, given that not all health insurances cover these treatments. When presented with these facts, you may find yourself in a dilemma of Free Online Therapy vs. Affordable Counseling. Therefore, in this article, we help you resolve the dilemma by providing you information on both options.

Free Online Therapy

The concept of online therapy is, in recent times, gaining great popularity. The popularity has been reinforced by the fact that certain studies have found this form of therapy to be as effective as face-to-face therapy. Therefore, when the impact is the same, patients seeking these services find the online form to be a more convenient option. 

However, this option comes with its challenges. Among the biggest challenges is the issue of determining whether you are getting these services from qualified and licensed mental health practitioners. It is a challenge because there are a lot of individuals on the internet claiming to provide these services even for free. In certain cases, this should be a huge source of concern for you. 

The first thing you need to note is that it takes over five years to achieve qualifications as a mental health practitioner. In these years, they will have accumulated huge student loans and used huge amounts of school fees. Additionally, they are charged a fee by their professional bodies to be given the necessary licenses to practice. Therefore, it would sound unusual if such a qualified professional would then offer to provide their services for free. 

So, in what instances would you find legit online therapy services being offered for free? However, it is not to say that you cannot find these services being provided for free. One of these instances is when they are provided by a non-profit organization. There are those organizations whose cause is to promote mental health among the population. Therefore, as part of achieving this objective, these organizations provide free online medical treatment to people seeking their support. Therefore, you get to enjoy online therapy services from a qualified therapist hired by the non-profit organization. 

Religious institutions also offer these services as part of their community outreach programs. Therefore, they will hire professional therapists to provide online services for those community members suffering from mental health-related illnesses. They will also offer online support groups to help those that are dealing with such issues.  

However, one of the challenges with such free systems is the level of services being offered. The organizations offering these services find it hard to keep up with the large number of people seeking these services. Therefore, their resources get restrained, which is why they mostly offer group therapies. Moreover, most of these organizations only hire a limited number of specialists. Therefore, you will find the therapist multitasking functions that are outside their level of specialization. Therefore, it becomes challenging for you to get personalized services that suit your mental condition. 

Affordable Online Counselling from a Licensed Professional Therapist

The fact that there are so many challenges associated with free online therapy does not imply it is for the selected few. We at Mental-Fuel believe that everyone deserves quality mental health services from professional experts in this area. It is for this reason that we have developed an affordable online system for all your mental healthcare services. The following are some of the advantages you will enjoy by subscribing to our affordable online counseling services.

Affordable Services from Licensed Professional Therapists

Getting a legitimate online therapist is not an easy task. You have to undertake numerous research and verification processes to ensure that they have relevant practicing licenses. However, Mental-Fuel saves you all this hassle. We recruit top qualified therapists to provide you quality mental healthcare services over the internet. 

Building Professional Networks

The services we provide at Mental-Fuel are not only aimed at helping the patients, but also the professionals alike. The site provides an excellent networking avenue for mental health practitioners. For example, psychiatrists will be able to develop a professional relationship with counselors as part of improving client access to their services. Moreover, the site provides an excellent online platform for such professionals to give referrals to one another.

Affordable Services at Your Convenience

Among the greatest advantages of information communication technology (ICT) is improving connectivity among individuals. Online therapy services are purely founded on the strengths of this technology. Therefore, Mental-Fuel utilizes these technologies to provide a convenient connection between the clients and their respective mental healthcare practitioners.

Therefore, we help you all overcome the challenge of geographical barriers to access to quality mental healthcare services. Moreover, we improve the flexibility of our therapists’ working schedules. Therefore, they can schedule online sessions with their clients, even during the night. 


Advancement in technology has provided people with options when it comes to getting help for their mental related illnesses. Online therapy is one of these great options. Mental-Fuel is a reliable online place where you can enjoy all these services at an affordable rate. 

For Elizabeth, mental health is a personal story. She is an author who provides innovative, creative, and engaging content on topics such as stress management, emotional wellness, relationships, etc. She enjoys creating a useful content to empower people and uses personal experience to help others on their journey to recovery.

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